Learn more about the FireFlight team! We started out initially as a couple shooting engagements, weddings and portraits. And then, Dana discovered underwater!

Since then, we have moved on from weddings to focus more on underwater portraiture, mermaids and other creative shoots – which is now technically all of Dana’s thing and JP is my mental and emotional support!



I started my photography journey some years ago when I saw that photography could actually create beautiful images, not just stop a moment in time (in a badly composed, terribly lit manner too!). A good friend of mine roped me (and I roped JP) into weddings, and it stuck! JP and I clicked as a team during weddings, so while it was flippin’ hard work, we enjoyed it! 

After 7 years of weddings, I discovered the delight of underwater photography from watching the incredibly talented Ilse Moore doing a demo at a photographic expo. I was enamoured, transfixed, enlighted and amazed. I had to do this – I loved photography, had been a water baby my whole life, and knew this was worth trying. I Googled, drooled over pictures, and dreamed. I got my butt into gear and found a housing for my ancient camera, and after the first underwater shoot, I was hooked. That was March 2016, and the rest is history!

If I’m not glued to my camera, I’m either a mermaid in the pool, designing mermaidy things, listening to music, following the latest design trends, enjoying nature, soaking up some sunshine and baking.

Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance should I book?

We do need to prep the pool so that it is perfectly clear and blue. At least 2 weeks in advance, and but more than that is plenty time.

Where does the shoot happen?

We have access to three pools that we feel are perfect for our underwater shoots. We have an outdoor solar heated pool in Fairland, Johannesburg (only Jan, Feb, Mar, Nov & Dec), two indoor solar heated pools in Lanseria and Lonehill, Johannesburg (only Jan – June & Sep – Dec). We do this to ensure the water is perfect for your shoot, and we have experience shooting in the pool. We are also happy to travel if you have a pool anywhere in SA, we’ll be there, just ask for our travel rates if you’re not in Johannesburg.

What can I expect on the day?

Before your shoot, we will send you a list of what to bring. Please let us know of any sensitivities in advance so we can make your shoot as comfortable as possible. When you arrive, our professional makeup artist will begin – it should take between 30 and 40 minutes, or closer to an hour if the look is more detailed. We will then plan your outfits, and shooting will begin. After the shoot, you get to go home and relax and we’ll start our editing process!

I’m not a good swimmer! I can’t hold my breath for long! Can I do a shoot?

We welcome everyone to our underwater shoots – we do recommend having some swimming experience and must be comfortable with having your head under the water. We will work at a comfortable level in the pool during your shoot. We also accommodate for how long you hold your breath as we don’t use oxygen tanks. Whether it is 3 or 30 seconds, we will work with you at your pace for your shoot.

How long until I get my photos?

Editing takes 5 working weeks maximum. We need to backup photos, select the very best, edit each one carefully, and order our custom USB drives. We will upload sneak peeks during the process of editing so you don’t have to wait too
long to see some of the results from your shoot.

What do I get on my USB drive?

All our USB drives are custom engraved USB drives, with a box to keep it safe. On your USB will be the edited photos
in two folders: for print and for web. Images for print are high quality so they can be printed and they don’t include a watermark. Images for web are smaller so you can upload them quickly to social media or email and they have a watermark of our logo. We ask that you don’t re-edit our images or remove our watermark, and please do credit us on social media. Please note we don’t give out unedited RAW files purely because it is part of our process and our contract.