The only place you will find a one-on-one mermaid experience that you will remember for a lifetime! Above or below the water, make your mermaid and merman dreams a reality. With locally designed and made mermaid tail creations (only in South Africa), and photography, you will be transformed into a magical creature of the underwater world.

Underwater Mermaid Art Portraits

R3 500.00   


Be a mermaid for a day in a heated pool (indoors for winter too)! I will style your shoot around you, from princess to siren, you can be your own mermaid! A safety-approved tail to match your style will be provided, or you are welcome to bring your own tail should you have your own. I will assist you with getting used to swimming with a tail, as well as holding your breath and posing. Everyone is a beginner with me, so I will work at your own pace. These shoots are held in one of my available heated pools around Johannesburg.

1 hour shoot underwater
20 edited images on a USB drive
Professional waterproof makeup
Fabric mermaid tail provided

Got your own tail? Pay only R3 000 and save!


Please note this is offered to adults. Strong swimming skills are compulsory and I highly recommend being proficient in dolphin kick in order to maneuver with the tail. This is to also to ensure your safety and that you have a memorable and fun experience.

On Land Mermaid Art Portraits

R2 500.00

If water or swimming isn’t for you, then being a mermaid shouldn’t be only a dream. Now you can be a mermaid where you wish! Your mermaid look will be styled to your liking, all you need is a top of your choice and some comfortable bottoms (or even leggings!). A tail to match your style will be provided.  Then I will select a location with various backdrop options to give you a variety of beautiful images for you.

1 hour shoot on location
20 edited images on a USB drive
Professional mermaid makeup
Fabric mermaid tail provided

Have your own mermaid tail? Pay only R2 000 and save!

Please note this is offered to adults at this point in time. 

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