The only place you will find a one-on-one mermaid photoshoot experience that you will remember for a lifetime! Above or below the water, make your mermaid and merman dreams into reality.  Let me transform you, with a magical makeover, and enjoy the wonderful experience of a mermaid photoshoot! You’ll receive specially edited creative images from your shoot, with a fantastical flair that is my own unique style.

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  • underwater mermaid photoshoot

Underwater Mermaid Photoshoot

R3 500.00

Transform into a beautiful mermaid and create memories that will last forever! Use one of my mermaid tails to match your style, or you are welcome to bring your own tail! My amazing makeup artist will give you a mermaid makeover to finish off your look.

1 hour session underwater
20 edited images on a USB drive
Professional waterproof makeup
Fabric mermaid tail provided

On Land Mermaid Photoshoot

R2 500.00

Enjoy the experience of being a mermaid on land or in a truly magical location! Use one of my tails that matches your style, and let’s pick the perfect location with various backdrop options to give you a variety of beautiful images for you.

1 hour session on location
20 edited images on a USB drive
Professional mermaid makeup
Fabric mermaid tail provided

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